ISOTechne® Platform

ISOTechne provides coaches and trainers with an in-depth, objective perspective of athletic skills. Cloud-based skill analytics allow you to measure performance trends in real time, identify weaknesses and track the growth and development of athletes.

The power of this new technology is in the data that is collected, analyzed and stored in the cloud. Armed with this precise information, organizations — even those with multiple locations — can compare the data of various athletes, training methods and entire sports programs.

Data can also be compared against standards as well as trends over time, yielding key insights. Management, coaches and trainers are able to objectively identify athletes’ strengths and weaknesses and implement enhanced training practices and procedures. Without this technology, organizations are limited to purely subjective assessments of their athletes’ skills.

The lights on the ISOTechne Motion sensor act as targets that track the movement of a player, ball or both. The lights are activated by a hand, foot or ball either by contact or proximity. Athletes receive immediate feedback on their performance and want to perform the skills over and over to improve their score.

ISOTechne Platform and ISOTechne® 2Victa Training System

There are many components that go into the overall assessment of a player: tactical, technical, psychological and physical. A majority of this assessment is done subjectively. In order to objectively assess players, they must all receive the same service.

The ISOTeche 2Victa training system replicates the same service over and over, making it practical to hone advanced skills — such as side volleys — that are otherwise impossible to train for due to inconsistent service. The 2Victa system offers robotics, a ball feeder and handheld remote control. Service from multiple 2Victa devices can be coordinated using one remote control.

Integrating the 2Victa system into the ISOTechne platform allows the full assessment of the technical and tactical aspects of an athlete’s effort. The ISOTechne platform enables coaches to measure and analyze player and ball movement, including an athlete’s speed, agility and reaction time. Armed with this data, you can further enhance the performance of your athletes.